About Me

On the surface Melissa Livingstone may seem like any other west coast Canadian girl. Digging a little deeper though, you can sense that her love of music is what drives her in life. Having recently returned to Kelowna, BC from Calgary, she spends most of her time pursuing country music in any way possible. From writing, recording and to performing, Melissa’s drive for what she loves is something you can sense almost as soon as you meet her. Melissa has traveled the world in search of inspiration and purpose, and has learned many of life’s hard lessons earlier than most. Yet through thick and thin – from Paris to Rio de Janeiro – her one constant friend, enemy and confidante has been her music.
Melissa’s musical journey began as early as she can remember. Her mother enrolled her in music lessons at a very young age, and Melissa recalls a moment at the age of 5 when she declared “I’m going to be a singer!”.
“No one believed me”, laughs the lighthearted 22 year old. “I just kept singing.”
Years later at the age of 14 she wrote and performed her first song for friends, family, and the townspeople of her then-home of Ucluelet, Vancouver Island. Soon after, as her life took a tragic twist with the death of her father, Melissa began to process her thoughts and feelings through her music and was struck with wanderlust. “I’m so inspired by life events and by different cultures”, she admits. “I just wanted to travel and discover new experiences.”
Between extended trips abroad, Melissa found a gig singing backups with a traveling bluegrass band, reaffirming her love of the stage. “I remember one show, at a large outdoor festival,” she recalls. “I got up on stage and played one of my own songs for a big crowd for the first time. Seeing the smiles on people faces, it was an amazing feeling.”
While following her restless spirit, Melissa continued to work at finishing her high school diploma through correspondence. As her graduation approached she returned home, unaware that she was about to write the song that would define the following years of her life. Having turned her focus from exploring the globe to the very thing that had driven her to leave, Melissa penned the song “I Miss You”, written for her late father. “That song is so special to me” she admits, a hint of emotional unease beneath her relaxed exterior. “I decided to perform it at my graduation, and that’s when things began to move so fast.” Her performance was captured on video, uploaded to YouTube, and soon caught the eye of Vancouver-based producer Matt Roach.
“You could tell that she had something special” admits Roach. “Not only her voice, but the honesty she put into that song.” Shortly after, Roach contacted Melissa, and so began the making of her debut album Simple Girl.
“Making that album was such an incredible experience” beams Livingstone. “It was my first time recording in a big studio. It was like a dream.” Simple Girl was recorded in 2013 at legendary Greenhouse Studios with a live band, featuring the guitar talents of Vancouver alumni Shawn Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason).
Since then, Melissa has worked hard on writing new music, has filmed music videos, won Silver for ‘Kelowna’s Best Musician 2015’ and has been booking gigs in BC and Alberta.
Once you know Melissa’s story, it’s hard to say she’s any average young woman. With goals, dreams and songs that are told from the heart, it’s easy to see that she is working hard to achieve everything she was told she couldn’t.